Nowadays it is basically unacceptable for a small business to not have some sort of web presence.  While social media networks like Facebook have made it easier for small businesses to gain that web presence quickly, many prospective customers still expect a business to have a website, even if it is little more than an online business card. Many prospective customers also judge a business based on the quality of their website.

Many small business owners end up settling for an online web builder offered through their hosting company or elsewhere, only to come to find out later that it is not as easy as they thought it would be and they need help. They then often end up contacting a web designer who tells them that they will not work with the online web builder because it is too limited so they will need to redesign the website from scratch. This leaves the small business owner frustrated that they spent time and effort creating a free website that now technically speaking isn’t even theirs and is not doing what they hoped it would do anyway.

I have seen it time and time again. Not saying that free web builders are inherently bad, just that small business owners expect a lot more from them than they actually offer and also expect them to be easy for someone with zero web design skills to be able to use. Remember, web builders are built presumably by a web developer, so in other words people with web design and web language skills. It is difficult to remember that the average Joe still has no clue what <a href=”http://something.com/somethingelse.php” target=”_blank”>Something great here!</a> means!